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Testimonial by Annie Chuie

"Firstly, thanks for your healing. Before the healing started, I did mention about my fingers got swollen and my 3rd eye was tense.
During the healing, I felt the energy coming in as my 3rd eye was very tense. Really great experience on this healing session. This was my first healing session from a teammate. I enjoyed the process as Daniel is very knowledgeable.
After 2 days of healing, the swelling vanished. My fingers can move easily as usual. What an amazing experience.

Daniel encourages me to take up the healing session challenge. Thanks for the encouragement, I will start it. Play with it.

Thank you Daniel for the session. Keep up the good work. "


Liz Henderson

"My experience of Star Magic with Dan as Facilitator, was a positive one. Due to his insights and what his intuition brought me, I have been able to shift the perspective of how I have been projecting "rejection" which in return has been creating that in my life since I was in the womb. Dan has a keen intuition and desire to assist his client to the best of his ability. After two sessions, I can say that I feel less restricted and more open as far as co-creating my life in the moment. Thank you Dan."


Testimonial by A.E

"I had a session with Daniel that tapped straight into the core of a problem I was having with absolute precision. Daniel went above and beyond to help me identify and clear a self sabotaging occurrence I was repeating that seem to transcend many lifetimes. Thank you Daniel." 


Testimonial by Aiysha

"I highly recommend booking a healing session with Daniel.
I experienced so much relaxation and felt a lot lighter afterwards.
It is clear to see how committed Daniel is to his work. He created a safe space in which I felt seen, heard and understood.
Thank you so much"

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