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As part of the expanding services of my life coaching practices, I now offer Pranic Healing Sessions. Pranic Healing taps into the natural energy of the body to heal itself, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The practice of Pranic Healing is not a substitute to replace medical treatments. It is an adjunct to supplement and enhance the natural healing energy of the body.

Pranic Healing is an expansion and application of the ancient practice of aligning the energy centers of the body. Pranic Healing can treat everyday body ailments such as the common cold, headaches, and muscular pain. It identifies misaligned energy centers that control a variety of human emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing, and works to refocus the body’s organic energy.

A deep dive into Pranic Healing with consistently scheduled sessions and a practiced guide can target serious diseases. Experienced Pranic Healers can align the natural energies of the universe in individuals.

The Seeds of Pranic Healing

The concept and study of the energy centers of the body is in the recorded history of ancient Hindu holy books. These early recorded historic records from 1500 BCE record the early search to find, identify and understand the energy sources of life and their relationship to the universal one, God head or infinite energy source.

Spiritualists, Yogis, Healers, and Seekers focused on the identification of the chakras or energy centers within the body. The seven essential chakras opened the doors of perception to understanding the flow of energy. It revealed how a disruption or misalignment leads to mental anguish, emotional distress, physical maladies, and spiritual aimlessness.

Yogis, and spiritual healers have refined the understanding and methods to align the energy centers of the body with Pranic Healing. Grand Master Choa Koki Sui is the recognized founder of modern Pranic Healing. His documented experiments and methods are the concepts used by me in my organic Pranic Healing Sessions.

The Feel-Good Power of Energy Healing

The addition of Pranic Healing Sessions is a natural progression on the road to a fulfilled life with focus. Regularly scheduled Pranic Healing Sessions are a wholistic, organic, natural process to synchronize the physical, emotional, mental and spirituality energies of an individual.

Pranic Healing Sessions will work to align the powerful universally connected energy centers of the body. Scheduling is now open for a Pranic Healing Consultation as well as regularly scheduled appointments

Achieve success, maintain health, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance with the feel-good power of energy healing. Contact me (put contact Info HERE) for your Pranic Healing Session.


Pranic Healing – The Power of Body Energy

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