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Daniel Rosenstein considers himself as a matchless spiritual healer, mentor, metaphysician, health advocate, educator, and a trauma survivor. He believes the world of spirituality is big and not everyone can dive into it easily. Daniel has dealt with multiple issues in life, and he tried out several spiritual workshops in the USA, was actively involved in online classes, and was introduced to multiple healers, mentors, and empowering people.
He was amazed by what he learned from his research. The ultimate change in Daniel’s life led him to give something back to the community. That was when came up with an idea of “”.


What are Daniel’s Areas of Expertise?

Daniel has extensive knowledge of multiple energy healing systems like one brain, Mayan light language, inception point, Reiki, emotion code, Sekhem (Egyptian form of Reiki), SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), and 10 other systems. From nurturing the soul to the self-care journey, Daniel’s spiritual retreats are an excellent source of healing. With the help of his online sessions, Daniel is now dealing with a global clientele. His talent provides great empowerment to deal with the inner soul.

Daniel’s Mission

Daniel’s mission is to encourage people to rediscover their inner souls. He believes we have a whole chunk of treasures hidden inside us, and he wants to become a source of discovering these treasures. Daniel is passionate about making people their own superheroes. He believes the light within the soul is enough to deal with the hardships of life.  Daniel loves to provide support to people struggling with the grief of loss, a new change in life, and personal journeys. His mission encapsulates the balance of mind, body, and soul.


Daniel has learned so much from his personal healing that he has made some ground-breaking objectives to serve his clients. His core dictum is to provide holistic care from the comfort of home.Daniel wants to highlight the power of modalities and convince people to try therapies rather than become dependent on conventional drugs.
He strives to shed light on the power of inner-healing and spiritual tactics. Daniel is a pioneer of spiritual therapies and is working to heal people with their natural healing abilities. With an amalgamation of therapies, motivational sessions, and energetic flow, Daniel is now helping thousands.

Transform Your Inner Soul With Daniel Rosenstein!

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